LA Pipe Chair, Ritz Velvet 4512
Brass frame

  • 1,250,000원
  • Friends&Founders
  • 적립금 12,500원 (1%)
  • LA PIPE is the result of Designer Ida Linea Hildebrand’s passion for refined forms and strong silhouettes combined with Friends and Founders’ knowledge about modern production with strong focus on hand craftsmanship and detailing.

    The Designer’s obvious sense of balance and her striving for the perfect comfort make the experience of LA PIPE a new soft, elegant seating sensation, made to last.
  • P0000KAR
  • W 58 x D 53 x H 85(SH 46) cm
  • velvet, fire retardant foam, frame in brass plated steel.

S 38/S1 Stackable stool

  • 450,000원
  • Wilde+Spieth
  • 적립금 4,500원 (1%)
  • P0000JCU
  • W35 x H46 cm
  • steel, laminated wood veneer

Georg Jubilee Stool
Oak (1930337)

  • 880,000원
  • 적립금 8,800원 (1%)
  • P0000JTI
  • W45 x D32 x H46 cm
  • Oak

Sophie Mirror L Ø61 (02803)

  • 590,000원
  • Mater
  • 적립금 5,900원 (1%)
  • The Mater Sophie Mirror is an elegant and simple new range of mirrors, combining leather and wood. The shape and design is inspired by old barrels and comes in three different sizes and stains of sustainably harvested mango wood, in either black or tan leather. The hand-hammered nails resemble the craftsmanship of traditional barrel making, which originally helped keep the hoops in place. The spacing around the mirror creates a light and optical illusion of a floating mirror.
  • P0000JRR
  • Ø 500 mm D 70 mm
  • Sustainably harvested mango wood with leather rim